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The Bahamas Real Property Tax Act was commenced on Tuesday, 30th September 1969. The basis of the Act is that it imposes a tax payable to the Bahamas government on all commercial property, residential properties of a certain value as well as ALL properties owned by non-residents of The Bahamas.

For many reasons, when real estate purchases are completed, there have been examples when the attorney acting for the purchaser may not have submitted a Real Property Tax Declaration or perhaps, the property was never assessed by the Real Property Tax Department or the address of the current owner was simply unknown. In any event, FidPro agents are able to help. We can ensure that your taxes are fully reconciled and the property properly documented.

By completing the Declaration of Property Ownership Form and attaching a copy of your conveyance, we can begin the process of regularizing your current or outstanding real property taxes. By utilizing our Hold-All-Mail services FidPro is able to provide you with timely notices by using the local mail system. Once FidPro receives the annual notice from the Real Property Tax Department, we will advise you via email that the tax invoice is now due.