Family Office & Corporate Service Providers

FidPro Ltd.

A Consolidated Financial Statement is a fantastic way to keep track of all of your assets. By taking a panoramic view at least once a year, our clients have the ability to determine if the investment objectives of the family are being met. 

By appointing FidPro's Family Office Service as the focal point of the family's financial information, we are able to provide annual financial statements that are based upon generally accepted accounting principles. 

By appointing FidPro as Nominee or by utilizing our Hold-All-Mail Service, our premier clients are able to centralize information which is:

  • Automatically deemed confidential due to local laws within the jurisdiction
  • Processed and presented in the form of a Financial Statement
  • Prima facie evidence that the structure is an ongoing concern
  • Convenient for further distribution to the clients personal tax and accounting advisors.
  • Convenient for the preparation of tax returns.

The Financial Statements include Balance Sheets, Statements of Income & Capital, Contributions & Distributions made from the structure, Directors Reports and any other information that our clients deem necessary.