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Government approval is required prior to conducting business or purchasing land in The Bahamas. Depending on the nature and scale of investment, government approval can range from the issuance of a certificate or permit, to National Economic Council approval which is essentially approval from Cabinet.

With Foreign Direct Investment as the number one stimuli for the economy, The Bahamas is generally open to all types of sustainable investment. However, there are certain aspects of industry which are reserved for residents only. The incentives and restrictions concerning investment in The Bahamas are best summarized in The National investment Policy which can be found here

When government approval is required, we can provide you with an application work flow.  The work flow is a process by which we identify all possible ecommerce features and contingencies prior to making application to government. This process allows us to ensure that all relevant agencies are contacted and the correct persons are kept involved as the application is processed and is completed as efficiently as possible.

With regard to real estate transactions, depending on the nature and size of the real property involved, a non resident purchaser will have to apply for either a Certificate or Permit of Registration. As the Certificate of Registration is the most common form of approval requested, we've included a copy of the application and a list of requirements here ​for your review.