Family Office & Corporate Service Providers

FidPro Ltd.

Some clients prefer not to receive mail about their financial and banking products through the post or via courier. FidPro offers a Hold-All-Mail service, whereby FidPro holds bank and financial statements and other mail concerning the FidPro family office relationship for a period. Whilst more private for clients, this service may defer or prevent routine reviews of account activity by clients. FidPro recommends such reviews to avoid any chance of error or unauthorized transaction.

The client acknowledges and agrees that the receipt of mail by the Hold-All-Mail service will constitute CONSTRUCTIVE NOTICE OR RECEIPT by the client. Therefore, the client assumes all risk associated with this service, including damages and the client's waiver of rights from the client's delay or failure to collect their mail.

Release Address or Destroy Order

Release Address: If the client after a maximum retention period, does not collect the said mail in the Hold-All-Mail facility as FidPro recommends, then FidPro will arrange to have such mail delivered to a client approved mailing address referred to as a "Release Address".

Destroy Order‚Äč: The client agrees to contact FidPro to confirm balances before destruction. The client recognizes and assumes the added risk of never seeing their mail, yet agrees to be deemed to have constructive notice of its contents. By selecting Destroy Order, FidPro will arrange destruction of the unread mail. Such mail will be shredded and disposed of in a manner whereby confidentiality will be maintained.

Our Approved Hold-All-Mail P.O.Box Address is: N4045, Nassau, Bahamas