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Impact Investing is an investment method which targets investment capital as a resource for achieving the social and environmental changes typically advocated by philanthropic organizations.   It often concerns the deployment of funds with the expectation of financial reward, where the success of the investments is also contingent upon achieving a stated social or environmental goal.

An example of this form of investment was recently documented by Philanthropy Today in an article published on January 3rd 2014. In this example Investors devoted $13.5MM to a social impact bond to finance a program aimed at lowering recidivism rates for newly released prisoners. Whilst there are no shortage of examples of how impact investing can have a positive effect on society as a whole, what we find compelling is that investment philosophies of this nature are trending for reasons such as:

  • The realization of the responsibilities associated with being very wealthy has become more apparent.
  • The market adjustment which took place in 2008 caused investment managers to discern more readily the socioeconomic impact of how money is managed.
  • As governments globally continue to struggle with recurring deficits, the demand and effect of impact investing has increased. 

If you've considered this form of investing and wish to practice a more social or environmental form of investment management, FidPro can assist by making recommendations to the asset allocation of your current investment portfolio. Please contact us at to receive more information concerning this topic.