Family Office & Corporate Service Providers

FidPro Ltd.

FidPro Property Management and Real Estate Services encompass a wide variety of offerings, all of which are customized to meet a client's specific needs.  Services that are frequently requested are as follows:


  • Residential Property Rentals : We can assist with finding short and long term tenants for your vacation home. Why not earn income on your home whilst you're not using it? You can register your home or apartment with our realtor firm and we will let your property on your approved terms on an affordable commission basis. 

  • Residential Property Management : FidPro can manage your vacation home so that when you return, it's as though you never left. FidPro will manage the following :

                                                                      Property and Franchise Tax filings.

                                                                      Home Owners and Liability Insurance.

                                                                      Bill Paying Services (Utilities, Staff Salaries and Maintenance)

                                                                      Real Estate Succession Planning

                                                                      Property Appraisals 

  • Purchase or Lease a Vacation Home : FidPro through its affiliate realtor firm "" is able to provide complete representation in regard to realtor and legal services when purchasing property. If you are contemplating the purchase of a vacation home there are significant incentives offered by the Bahamas Government, all of which can be viewed at