Family Office & Corporate Service Providers


A PTC is a Private Trust Company. Its main features are Control, Family Governance and its ability to hold almost anything as an asset with no restriction. Whilst there are many ways to formulate a PTC, the means by which we recommend that a PTC is set up is illustrated below:

FidPro Ltd.

This method is both effective as well as affordable because it requires only one International Business Company (IBC). The IBC has two roles. Trustee as well as Holding Company. Because of the dual purpose, it's imperative that the IBC keep two separate ledgers i.e. one for each capacity. The client is appointed Managing Director of the IBC and has ultimate control of the decision making process.

FidPro PTC advisory services include preparation of minutes and resolutions as required, as well as annual consolidated accounting. The service also includes bi-annual updates on all regulatory requirements associated with maintaining the structure.

Please click here to peruse the FidPro Guide to PTC Best Practices.