Family Office & Corporate Service Providers

FidPro Ltd.

The FidPro Registered Office & Agent service is a very crucial offering. This service allows the client to act as Director and Shareholder for his/her personal investment companies. These companies often hold the bulk of the client's wealth or shares of the family business. The ability to act as Director gives the client ultimate control and is often a practical solution when objectives are not being met by your current service provider.  

The client as Director arrangement is most suitable when transparency is required e.g. Tax reporting purposes, whereby the company is considered a "walk through" and the client for tax purposes has to be deemed the beneficial owner and operator.

Provided that the appropriate KYC requirements have been met and the arrangement is tax compliant in the client's home country, FidPro can offer both Nominee and Registered Office & Agent services. The distinction between both services is as follows:

Nominee Services:

A Nominee is a corporate entity that is used in lieu of the client's persona. The Nominee is usually a company that is owned and managed by the Family Office, the purpose for which is to ensure confidentiality, continuity of business and affirmation of mind and management.  A declaration of trust is subsequently executed to document the ownership relationship between the Nominee and the client.

Registered Office & Agent Services:

Regardless of which service you decide on, FidPro will be appointed the Registered Office and Agent for the holding company. This process is a regulatory requirement mandated by the International Business Company and local Companies Act.  FidPro as Registered Office & Agent will provide support to Directors by providing minutes and resolutions, updates on regulatory requirements, regulatory filings for local companies and payment of company fees.  As is customary in Common Law jurisdictions, the Registered Office is also the primary place of service and notice of due process.