FidPro Ltd.

FidPro Smart Fund Advisory is a service that supports clients who have decided to utilize economies of scale by pooling funds for investment purposes. The Smart Fund is used as both a holding vehicle as well as an investment and consists of three parts which are as follows;

The Feeder Company: This company represents the finance and capitalization aspects of the smart fund. It's role is to pool and provide funding for further investment by the Investment Manager.

Investment Management Company: This company represents the investment manager and will ultimately decide on investment strategy.

Holding CompanyThis company custodizes the investments.

The FidPro Smart Fund Advisory services will:

  • Incorporate the three companies referred to above.
  • Seek Bahamas Securities Commission approval to have the companies declared a smart fund.
  • Provide support services and advise on regulatory requirements for the duration of the fund
  • Liquidation of Smart Funds

Clients that invest this way, share equal ownership in the Feeder, Investment and Holding companies. Rather than pay management fees to a third party, the client pays fees to a firm they are part owner of.  The investment manager company is able to employ or contract investment services. Such costs are shared equally between share holders therefore making it much more affordable to invest large sums of money. 


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